Stainless Steel

Type 316(*)

Chemical Composition

Chrome Nickel Carbon Magnesium Silicon Molybdenum
16-18% 10-14% .08% max 2% max .75% max 2-3%

Mechanical Properties

Yield (min)
Tensile (min)
Elongation (min)
(in 2")
Hardness (max)
30,000 75,000 40% 95 (Rb)


* Type 316 is produced in various carbon levels. We stock both T316 and T316L (low carbon) in a wide range of gauges and finishes.
** 316L has a carbon content of .03% max.

Note: T316, type 316 and grade 316 are interchangeable terms for 316 stainless steel. T316L, type 316L and grade 316L are interchangeable terms for 316L stainless steel.

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